This Quote I Like

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

-Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean Quote


So… This happened.

Hi! I’m Jeff. I am going to write a very long explanation/story for you. This is going to take a while, so let’s get straight to it.

The past 2 months have been crazy, so I’ll start from the very beginning. In July, I was living in Toronto, happily enjoying summer, when BAM. We were moving out of the country! We were to drive all the way to California, and it would be a long trip. I had expected this day to come, but not this soon. We spent the next 3 days packing only the stuff we really needed, and we drove away. There goes my house, my bed, and my life as I knew it. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t not want to move. I just didn’t expect it to come so soon. And then, we were off.

I have something to confess. I don’t know the 50 states (“duh” you say, “you’re Canadian”). I just wanted to clear that up.(Jeez…). So on the first day, we drove for 8 ish hours and landed in this place in um… USA. Hold on, I’m pulling up a map… Indiana! we landed in Indiana. We stayed there for not that long. the next day we drove through Iowa and Illinois to Sioux city, South Dakota. There, we met up with some friends, went boating, and played a lot of Halo (yay). After that, followed a lot more driving, and we visited Mt. Rushmore, Jewel cave, Badlands, Grand Teton, the devil’s tower, and Yellowstone. Wow, there were a lot less of these in my head. You should go to those places. All of them. See the trees, the canyons, the freakishly hot pools in the ground, the wolves, and bears who don’t understand boundaries, the hot, hot, HOT badlands, the shiny rocks, the fat cows who could kill you, and the tall creepy thing with scratch marks on it. It was AWESOME…until it ended. Then it was endless days of assembling IKEA furniture, and swimming.

Nobody thought it was a good idea to tell me how dang HOT it is. It’s hot enough to *insert bad joke here*. Other than that, were all settled in. So here I am. I’ll start posting soon. I’ve jotted a ton of comic ideas down, and I’ll slowly make them. Hopefully. ^-^